Heart in throat! Now I know!

Just when you think the toughest part of bringing up your child is over, God sends a small reminder, hold on! You have a long way to go!

Today, a normal sunday morning, turned out to be more happening than ever with the discovery of my son’s permanent tooth growing from below the milk tooth (decayed and still holding strong!) To our horror, it had to be removed asap! Being quite new to the place and never having consulted a pedia-dentist here, we were at our wits end. Fortunate to have a few friends who more worthy for such a situation.

Tad came the suggestion that the decayed tooth needs to be removed, hmm! I couldn’t imagine the pain my  little sweetheart would have to go through to make the dental situation acceptable. Nevertheless, we cannot waste much time when the tooth grows without any warning and its hanging like a shovel in the mouth! Found a hospital with a good rating, and went ahead with the meeting.

The doc sounded knowledgeable and had quite a good clientele already in the reception. She said she will remove the milk tooth right away. Thankfully, we had a good breakfast, but did not really plan for its removal today itself. Guess I just wanted to be prepared for it. But she recommended no delay! So I told my son, there will be a lil pain and you will have a better set of teeth bla bla bla. He heard only the bla bla bla part!

Absolutely brand new experiences teach you a lot while they hurt you a lot too. The first pinch of anaesthesia was super painful and a very bad surprise for him. My son jumped out of the seat and would have directly gone for the exit had we not cajoled him back. He again cried plenty and got ready for the extraction. And the moment he saw the tweezer, all he knew was that that’s the biggest torture one can go through. He decided that the doc is nt the best one. He wont get it done today. Or maybe ever. Cried and cried, hugged me super tight which I just loved, something I don’t get as often anymore.

Tried many motivating factors to make him sit back and get it done but to no avail. Even told him that I had a lot of pain to bring you into this world, but still I did it. Maybe it was too much to even absorb, so he didn’t relent. He finally said I will get it done after all the other kids.  Finally, I had to give him the last resort of a gift for getting this done. And bingo! He agreed, albeit very very hesitatingly. By then the anaesthesia was working well and in a moment the tooth was out. We were all smiling, feeling like war heros, coming out of a major surgery called tooth extraction that lasted 2 minutes and an hour of cajoling my sweetheart baby.

I am still a bit shaken with the terrible cries he had, the tightest hug I got and the fear I saw in his eyes. At 6, we cannot even expect him to be braver than this. I hope he forgets the painful experience quickly and wins over it with the reason he had to go through it. Maybe sooner, we may have to go through this again, thanks to the childhood infection that has done more damage to three more milk teeth.

Just praying that my baby can bear the next one (if at all) with more strength, May God bless him and Us. Its a reminder of how fragile our hearts are when it comes to the matters related to our little hearts roaming outside our bodies. A heavy day indeed!

All’s well, that ends well!



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